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By Jenny Milchman

The holidays are nigh and perhaps you haven’t tied the final bow—or even gotten around to shopping for all the someones on your list yet. Don’t worry, I’ve got you squared away. I roamed over hill and dale, traveled far and wide, to find just the right surprise purchase for even the most difficult, they-have-everything, present-hungry fiend you know. Ha.

Actually, what I did was take a look at some of the things that have made me happiest this year in the hopes that one or more might set off a spark—and provide a gift for which you may still be looking, or haven’t thought of yet. Read on!

For the Tea Lover in Your Life


I kick off my day with tea and more carbs than I feel comfortable admitting to, but this intoxicating brew could convert even someone new to the ritual. It’s a great substitute for anyone looking to kick the coffee habit too. Full of good-for-you ingredients and immunity boosters (who doesn’t need that during a pandemic-turned-endemic viral contagion?) this drink tastes of delicious, warming spices that will impart warmth to the holiday season and beyond.

Then There’s the Clothes Horse

Peruvian Connection

As the pandemic began to wind down—or more accurately, to morph—I realized that I’d been waring jammies for sixteen months straight, or on a good day, sweats. I made a vow to dress in real clothes at least once a week. Fast forward and I’ve made it to maybe once a month—but even that’s enough to provide a boost to my mood and day. In this catalog, every garment fits to a T and is so well made, not to mention fun to put on. The cotton feels like silk, there are great patterns, and while pricey, one article will last for years.


Shoes, accessories, and coats in addition to great clothes. I have gotten compliments from people on line at the store when I’ve dressed from this catalog. And everything is super comfy. I might not even need to go back to jammies. KIDDING. I’ll always love you best, jammies.

This is for the New Year’s Resolver

Body Project

One of my gift giving realizations has been that the best gifts don’t have to cost a lot—or anything at all. If you know somebody who wants to make exercise a habit, this pair with their awesome accents, accessible and forgiving approach to movement, and fun workouts might start the recalcitrant exerciser on your list to a lifetime of better being. Sign them up for free and pledge a paid subscription if they continue.

Luxury Chocolate


When my sprit, soul, or energy level is waning, I kick it back into gear with a square of the coffee chocolate bar, but there are dozens of other flavors and variations made by this ultra luxe, super smooth purveyor of fine cacao goods. Said a little less high-falutingly? This is some yummy chocolate—order now!


A local-to-my-region leader in the bean-to-mouth chocolate movement, you can get everything from fine baking chocolate to crazy creative nuts and tidbits from this seller. And if you get your hands on their bourbon caramels, don’t stop at gifts—you deserve a box too.

Pampered Self-Care


The creams and lotions, masks and tonics are pricey but a little goes a long way—my tiny tub of face moisturizer lasts a year—and will rejuvenate both your skin and mood with fragrant, plant-based aromas and good-for-you botanical ingredients. They have products for every life stage from infant to wash-those-wrinkles-away.

A Sustainable Approach

Our consumption is up and the wealth disparity is widening—two conditions a straining planet can’t tolerate. As I wrote this post, I was weightily aware of the privilege it bespeaks. And so I’d like to highlight the way I’m trying to think about gifts. Perhaps some of these ideas will inspire a way to come up with a present that expands what it means to give.

  • Thrifting & Re-Gifting. With the planet in a climate cascade, I have hopes that before too long, the idea of buying something new for everyone on your list seems as outlandish as getting up to turn the channel. Keeping in mind which items tend to be of limited stock and should go to those in need—for instance, plus sizes and winter coats—visit local thrift shops and turn to your own never-used stockpile for fun and original gifts.
  • Coupon book of tasks, jobs, or chores you can do to spare someone you love. Perhaps there is an elder who would appreciate errands run. Or an overwhelmed parent who would love a few freezer meals. A teen who’d benefit from some fun, parent-free outings? You can create this gift simply by thinking of your loved ones and what their daily lives consist of.
  • Getaway. Maybe you and your partner need some couple time—book the Air BnB and identify a supermarket or restaurant or café, plus whatever is fun to do in the area, so there’s no guesswork once you arrive. Or plan a staycation and put up victuals, plus queue up the on-demand choices, so you two can just relax and enjoy. Or maybe there’s a child who’d enjoy a trip just with you. I have a teen who’s into backpacking and am having fun figuring out ways he can introduce me to his new passion—a gift for me as much as him!
  • Photos. We all have so many that simply culling an intimate family member’s pics—assuming you have access to their phone—and creating a highlight reel could be a gift. Consider purchasing a digital frame and pledging to update it with photos. Or go old-school and print out some great shots to frame and give as gifts.
  • Cook. In this age of take out and convenience food, something you make from scratch can be a great gift. Do you have a specialty, that one dish your kids ask for? Your best friend’s family might enjoy it for dinner too. Or give a Baking Day to a grandchild. An SOS to a loved one—all they have to do is on one overtaxed, desperate day ask you to come over and cook up dinner!

And to you and yours, I wish you an abundant and joyful holiday season. 

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  1. Karna Small Bodman

    What a terrific list of Christmas gift ideas!! I might add one more — a hand-written and decorated card with a letter inside telling the recipient how much you love them and why. Just a thought. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  2. Lisa Black

    Okay now I want to go shopping…but yes, I’m a big believer in regifting!

  3. jenny milchman

    Love that idea, Karna! Ha, Lisa, same–to both!