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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in December…

Rogue Women Writers celebrated the holidays by giving away a cornucopia of books to one lucky winner on our Newsletter list!

When you see a puzzle, a hidden message, or a secret code, do you have an urge to solve it? Let’s face it, cracking codes is a dopamine hit and Isabella Maldonado is breaking down why we love them in both fiction and reality.

NSA puzzle for you

Next, Henriette Lazaridis goes rogue to tell us how a song and a fear of the ocean prompted the creation of her second novel.

Four lucky registrants for Rogue Reads on November 14th won books from the featured authors! Were you one of them? Find out in this Rogue Flash.

Hate it when your beloved protagonist doesn’t make it out ahead in the end? Check out Rogue Jenny Milchman‘s reviews and recommendations for five thrillers with triumphant protagonists.

Some exciting news came to us in mid-December. First, Rogue Karna Small Bodman received a contract to publish her new children’s picture book, Wrigley in The White House. Read all about it in this Rogue Flash.

That same week, we also discovered that Tracy Clark received a spectacular Publishers Weekly review for her January 2023 release, Hide, and we just had to share.

With the second Tuesday of the month, came a Mystery Minute tied in a bow: The Gift of O. Henry. Z.J. Czupor pulls back the curtain on the author O. Henry to reveal the torrid life of the man behind the alias.

Gift of The Magi - Roundup

A knock then sounded at the Rogue door. Who was our special guest? None other than NYT bestseller Joy Fielding, who stopped by to tell the Rogues how she researched the compelling plot lines in her latest novel, The Housekeeper.

Getting into the holiday spirit, Rogue Alex Kava regales us with the tale of three Christmas classics that almost weren’t: A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Nothing is better than enjoying a meal, but what if cooking is an integral part of the novel you’re reading? Special guest Wendy Eckel goes rogue, telling us about her cozy mystery hook: cooking.

Winner, winner chicken dinner—an exciting Rogue Flash announces who won our giant Holiday Giveaway!

Late November and December are the nation’s busiest travel periods. Lisa Black provides us with some travel tips to smooth our journeys this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping - Roundup

Thank you for joining us for our December Rogue Roundup and Happy New Year!

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