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by K.J. Howe

At the start of every year, reflection and change feature prominently in our lives.  We assess how the last year has gone and what adjustments we might want to make.  Why not kickstart 2018 by doing something exciting and new–as there are many benefits to doing so:

*If we learn a new skill, our brains and bodies are challenged.  Those stagnant neurotransmitters or muscles are reignited, ready for action again.  And we’ll feel better by putting them into practice.

*When we try new things, it brings us perspective.  We see life differently, perhaps allowing us to notice avenues we previously missed or ignored.  New possibilities abound.

*By attempting fresh and exciting activities, we step outside our comfort zones, and this can broaden our ability to recognize fresh opportunities in our lives.

*A change of routine can also stimulate our biorhythm, jolting us intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

*It feels good to make a choice to try something new, even if it is intimidating to you.

*Set a good example for your family and friends.  If you’re brave and try something new, maybe you’ll inspire someone you love to take a positive step.

*Trying something brand new will decrease the chance you’ll be bored–and who wants to be bored?  Life is about living, enjoying.

*If we start the habit of trying new things, we learn to be more open to life, new experiences, and a new future.

The “new” thing doesn’t have to be monumental.  Take baby steps by trying a different recipe or activity.  And know that taking up a hobby is beneficial for your health.  Studies show that people who take part in leisure activities–whether it is cross-stitching, running, or reading–became 34 percent less stressed and 18 percent became happier, and the calming effect lasted for hours.

Now that we know the benefits of adding something fresh and different to our lives, I hope I’ve inspired you to give it a try.  I have a list of items I’m going to try in 2018, and I’d love to share in this exhilarating experience with you!

Would be delighted to hear about what you might try… 

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  1. Karna Bodman

    Yes, K.J. this is a perfect time to think about challenging ourselves to try new things (I'm already trying new recipes and figuring out how to manage/train a new puppy)….but I want to see YOUR list that you mention at the end of your post. You said, "I have a list of items" — please share them….it might get us off to a new start as well.

  2. Gayle Lynds

    What wonderful philosophy and realistic tools, KJ. Love it. Change is difficult, and progress even more challenging, but the life force has its own energy and can propel us into wonderful future growth. Excited about your new Thea thriller!

  3. Chris Goff

    Baby steps! It's hard to start something new, especially when we have so many "old" things waiting to be finished up. Thanks for this encouraging post, KJ. I've just set up an appointment to visit a local Athletic Club, and I have this crazy desire to paint. Time to act! Happy New Year!

  4. S. Lee Manning

    My neurotransmitters can definitely use a kick in the neurons, although I'm probably more likely to try to up the skills in my current hobbies: progressing in guitar beyond the 60s songs of protest I've been working on since, well, the 60s, speaking French well enough that French people will actually respond, and winning back my money in poker. Thanks for a great post.