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This author was a tourism guide for the state where he/she lives!

The Real Book Spy is set to release his August Rogue Recommendation on August 16th.

This month we’re giving away 3 copies, courtesy of a Big 5 publisher. (Oops, bonus clue.)

How can you win? All you need to do is share, comment or tweet the clues!
In case you missed them, here are the first two clues!

After struggling with their agent for several years, this author took their manuscript to a regional writers’ conference only to learn that their agent had died. A young editor at the conference took the manuscript home, pitched it to their publisher and the rest is history.


This author does a lot of hands-on research—plus he/she looks great in a hat!

Anyone brave enough to hazard a guess?

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    Really? Too cool.

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    Marc Cameron