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What we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in April…

April storms kicked off the month, bringing us a delightful surprise in the form of thriller author Mike Lawson. Mike went rogue to pose us this question: What risk does a writer and his publisher take in publishing a stand-alone when the writer has a long-running series? Consider his question and offer your own conclusions in the comment section.

Next, Rogue Author Alex Kava spills the tea on how her style has been influenced by the suspense-building expert in Alfred Hitchcock and A Waitress Named Rita.

Alfred Hitchcock Rogue Roundup

ZJ Czupor then stopped in for his Mystery Minute, bringing us the history on the literary pioneer who brought us the first Black woman sleuth. Barbara Neely came to publishing late in life but quickly made up for lost time. April’s Mystery Minute discusses how her twisty mysteries were full of so much more than mere murder. 

In the middle of the month, Tosca Lee led us into the research behind her novel The Progeny, introducing us to her character’s infamous, real-life ancestor: The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

A few days later, Rogue Author Isabella Maldonado made her debut post on Rogue Women Authors with A Real Cop’s Take on Fictional Women with A Badge. She walks us through the cinematic and literary portrayals of female cops, agents, and detectives—comparing those fictions to her experience on the beat.

Charlie's Angels Rogue Roundup

We then book-end the month the same way we began. Extraordinary Guest Author Samantha Bailey stopped by to describe how the village of her writer friends is necessary to write a book in what can be a lonely profession. Read her post here: Samantha Bailey Goes Rogue.

That’s it for April! Thank you so much for joining us this month and visiting our Roundup. May your May be marvelous.

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