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Here’s what we Rogues talked about, researched, and revealed in April…

This spring, our very own Jenny Milchman became a foster mom — a cat foster mom! Read more about her family’s adventures with furry friends.

Have you ever wondered if the romantic escapades on your favorite law enforcement TV shows reflect real life? Guest author Isabella Maldonado gave us the juicy details on police force romance. Note that “happily ever after” might look different than you’d think.

Rogue Gayle Lynds blogged about her very own writer’s tale, a not-so-romantic fling with insomnia, anxiety, and doom (oh my!), but we can assure you this story ends well.

This month’s Mystery Minute with ZJ Czupor took us on a historical survey through some of the best thrillers ever written in a pinch! If you’ve always wondered how to write a best selling thriller novel — and fast — Czupor dishes flashy tips and tricks in favor of a more realistic approach.

Guest blogger Linda L. Richards gave us an expert tour from the mind of a hit woman. Her latest book features a troubled anti-hero whom she likens to a diamond under “intense pressure.”

Pacing may be one of the trickiest components to writing a gripping thriller novel, but guest blogger Kris Calvin shares her four biggest secrets to getting it right!

We love nothing more than to ask indulgent questions of talented authors, and Gale Massey answered the “Rogue 9” this month, a series of questions that prompts authors to divulge personal facts and writing secrets alike.

Wherever you are in the world, spring brings a breath of fresh air. Carla Neggers’s happy place in the springtime is a beautifully manicured garden! Join her and escape from reality here.

What better combo is there than books and food? Appealing to the foodie-meets-bookworm, Karna Small Bodman recommends a few delectable novels that feature readable recipes.

Gayle Lynds was featured among 70 top authors in Mystery Writers of America’s most recent publication, “How to Write a Mystery.” Read more about her contribution and shop the book here!

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