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Every time The Real Book Spy brings us a Rogue Recommendation, one of the Rogue Readers who comments, shares or tweets the clue and posting is entered into a drawing to win a free copy of the author’s book.

The February Rogue Recommendation was Meg Gardiner for THE DARK CORNERS OF THE NIGHT, and the winner of the book is…


When we notified him, he said:

“Hiyas! Currently in hardcore reading mode in the Bay Area aka shelter in place during the CoronaVirus Era. Basically, I’m an equal opportunity reader. Thrill me, kill me. Read P.Hawkins, G. Flynn, JK Rowling (as Galbraith), KJ Howe, Hanna Jameson and Kathleen Kent. I enjoy thrillers, great dialogue, and not necessarily happy endings. Anything from David Morrell to Chandler to Stephen king and Clavell, Michener, but there are so many (new ones). Into the Black Nowhere was a great page turner in the Hill Country and made me hyper click to enter the giveaway. =) When not getting lost in the pages of a book, I am a Technical Delivery Manager with Canines, a TV series Marathon addict (Breaking Bad vs The Wire: don’t get me started) who loves to connect with the community and dotes on Pizza, Cashews, personal fitness, and a good drink.”

The March Rogue Recommendation was Don Bentley for WITHOUT SANCTION, and the winner of the book is..

Tom Dooley

When we notified him, he said:

“I like to read crime,thrillers and non-fiction the most. When I’m not reading and weather permitting I like to ride my Harley,BBQ and watch football.”

The April Rogue Recommendation was Jack Carr for SAVAGE SON, and the winner of the book is…

Julie Watson

When we notified her, she said:

“These authors wrote about my world of DC. They had the character of the hero and his posse as right on the mark. The patriotism, the brotherhood, the do or die attitude. Give it your all, sacrifice, many missed deaths, weddings, births of their kids, loss of spouses and death of their brothers in war. These writers are telling accurately the tale of these stalwart, stoic supporters of the special forces and intelligence communities. I read these authors because they tell the true story of how these unsung heroes lived and how some died.”

Congrats to all the winners! We’re glad to send the books your way. We’ll look forward to a review!

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  1. Lisa Black

    Oh my gosh Charlie–Breaking Bad was brilliant, but I still think The Wire is the best thing I've ever seen on television. Followed by the John Adams miniseries second, and American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson, third.

  2. Gayle Lynds

    This is so exciting. Congratulations!