A Writer’s Holiday in Maine

By Gayle Lynds We're ready to welcome winter & the holidays.Six years ago I left the gentle breezes and tall palms of Southern California for a forest in Maine where I live with my husband and books.  No, I’m not crazy.  I’ll get to that in a moment.  Some things haven’t...

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by Chris GoffThanksgiving―traditionally a holiday to celebrate the harvest―has become a time to celebrate family and friends, to over indulge in all things yummy, and the day before Black Friday. In our home, we gather around the table, make a toast to those present, those who couldn't be present...

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DIABETES: Have You Been Tested?

by K.J. HoweNovember is National Diabetes Awareness Month.   It's staggering how widespread diabetes is--over 29 million Americans have been diagnosed, and it's possible 8 million more have this illness and don't know it.  It is a worldwide issue with over 380 million people dealing with...

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Tornado Rules

S. Lee Manning: This month at Rogue Women Writers, we’re writing about natural disasters – real and fictional. I’ve never written about a natural disaster. Never really experienced one either, although as a child of the Mid-West, I did have a close brush with a tornado or two back in 1974 when 148...

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